Lodestars Anthology #7 Japan

Lodestars Anthology is a magazine-meets-journal for curious travellers who long to see, chat about and experience this big old world of ours.

It is a magazine about place, travel and exploration, one that you’d ideally like to keep on your coffee table – or filled with scribblings and safely stored in your suitcase. It is independently published, distributed internationally and dedicated to exploring the globe one country per issue.

Full of photographs, illustrations, creative writing, city guides and personal musings, it is designed to fuel your love of adventure, life and all the people, destinations and ideas this world has to offer. Printed on high quality paper and perfect-bound the focus is as much on design as it is on content and wanderlust.

Issue 7 Japan (re-issue)

Rather thrilled to announce that we have re-released (and updated) our sold out Japan magazine!

The issue is filled with some original classics - jaunts to Ago Bay, feasts in Osaka, ambles along the Kumano Kodō, soaks in Kinosaki Onsen, cherry blossom chasing, Okinawa swimming and Hokkaido adventures (to name just a few tales) - as well as new escapades in Shimane, the Gotō Islands and a host of rather excellent hot springs …