Lindsay #4

In Issue No. 4 we meet Nigerian-born artist Toyin Ojih Odutola,Indigenous Australian Elders Uncle Bob Smith and Aunty Caroline Bradshaw, and Palestinian-American chef and artist Amanny Ahmad.

We peer inside the Parisian ateliers Lesage and Lemarié, muse over the elegant lines of historical European chair design and celebrate the colourful woodblock prints of Japanese artist Awazu Kiyoshi. We reflect on the connection to one’s home post-migration, consider what it’s like to pray in different parts of the world and discover why the Filipino mango is the best of them all. And we venture along
Morocco’s Honey Highway, get lost in the markets of Oaxaca and discover the flavours of Ghana.

Lindsay is founded by editor and creative director Beth Wilkinson and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Named after her grandfather—a man who documented the world with his many analogue cameras—this publication echoes his approach to life: with an open mind, a thirst for learning and a love for sharing stories.

Lindsay reminds people of the importance of preserving culture and welcoming difference. It is a platform where readers can understand and appreciate the culturally and geographically foreign without having to experience them first-hand.


Zoe Adjonyoh, Andres Altamirano, Osman Bari, Oslo Davis, Olivia Dennis, Nic Dowse, Kimberly Drew, Marsha Golemac, Max Hayward, Olga de la Iglesia, Jessica Jacolbe, Leila Khoshoie, Jamie Lozoff, Bonnie Jean Mooney, Stanislava Pinchuk, Matt Rabbidge, Liz Rowland,Christopher Schreck, Josh Smith, Leili Walker, Beth Wilkinson