Like The Wind #17

Like the Wind is a unique running magazine made by runners, for runners. 116 pages of running stories, illustrated features and stunning photography. It’s not how to run, it’s #WhyWeRun.

In the 17th edition of Like the Wind, we have been privileged to witness and discover ways in which running makes a genuine difference to individuals and communities across the world. Editor Simon Freeman was a guest at the New Balance Outdoor Nationals track championships in the United States, where talented teenage athletes shared with him not only their sheer joy about running but also their hopes that their sporting ability would secure them a college education, a dream out of reach to many Americans.

Back in the UK, James Eckloff tells the story of how running transformed him from double-lunch-eater to sub-three marathoner, Jemma Beedie describes how the mental disciplines she honed through running guided her through the process of childbirth, and Katy Lancaster recalls how the goal of returning to running aided her recovery from a hyponatremia-induced coma.

And photojournalist Tyler Tomasello shares his amazing record of the time he spent in Afghanistan, coaching an all-female group to complete their first ultra-marathon and sharing laughter in a country often seen from the west as a war zone.