Like The Wind #14

Like the Wind is unique running magazine made by runners, for runners. 114 pages of running stories, illustrated features and stunning photography. It’s not how to run, it’s #WhyWeRun.

In this issue we once again travel the globe finding and sharing stories of running adventures, stories that more often than not reveal the deep emotional connections running can spark.  Two writers consider the intergenerational bond: US ultra legend Bob Becker raced the inaugural Mt Gaoligong Ultra on the China/Myanmar border and recalled his own father's wartime heroics in the same location. Explorer and athlete Ian MacNairn tells the story of his quest to follow in his grandfather's footsteps through the Moroccan mountains.

Also in this issue celebrated British ultra-runner Ellie Greenwood talks about how injury has prompted her to take stock of her current capabilities, Julia Chi Taylor reveals how she shed her possessions and now runs and lives as a nomad. The social side of running is also looked at in Danielle Mustarde's story of moving to a new city and connecting with an LGBT running group and there are chats with documentary maker Billy Yang and Mark Thornberry, a British ultra-runner facing an uncertain future.