Lexon Oblio

The Lexon Oblio is a wireless charging station with built-in UV sanitizer.

Features Qi-certified (wireless power transfer using inductive charging)

Fast charging: approximately 3h required for a full smartphone charge

Advanced anti-bacterial UV light with ionizer technology which kills 99,9% of your smartphone screen germs in 20 minutes

Automatic ON/OFF sanitizing cycle

LED light for correct placement and charging status.


Compatible with Qi-enabled smartphones up to 8.3 cm wide / 1.05 cm thick including case (not metal)

Foreign object detection

Laboratory tested against common bacteria

Power supply: on USB-C port (cable included)

With Oblio, keep your eyes away from your smartphone screen when charging and cleaning it. Featuring a UV-C

*Precaution must be taken to avoid looking directly at UV Light while sanitizing operation is in process. Oblio’s construction is made to protect your eyes, do not manipulate while in function.

Designed by Manuela Simonelli & Andrea Quaglio.

Quaglio Simonelli was born out of a meeting between two designers, Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli, their common work is really fed by stories, a creative look at the surrounding world, mutations they would wish to induce: therefore they create familiar looking objects contaminated by the unexpected and the poetical.