Letters to Lovers #2

Letters to Lovers Zine is a new publication which publishes classic and modern interpretations of letters. Whether art, photography, poetry, or prose, whether handwritten, composed or typed out, Issue 02 features works by young writers and artists directed at their lovers past, present or even future. In Issue 02, the relationships, non-relationships and encounters are explored as letters through a lens of nostalgia, the focus topic of this publication.

The zine was founded for three reasons: for the founder's love for collections of letters and epistolary novels, for her worry that this is a dying medium and for the excitement of how this medium shifts and changes in our modern day.

Whether it is your first time picking up this zine or you have already read the first edition, I would like to welcome you to the second issue of Letters to Lovers Zine.

Much like the previous one, this volume explores the medium of letters in its classical form of the written word, but also in more modern interpretations, such as collages, photography or art.

The overarching theme of the zine as a whole is letters to lovers past, present and future, while this issue specifically interprets this topic through the lens of nostalgia.

From musings about encounters long gone to memories of a long-term relationshipʼs early days, the following pages present a number of deeply personal accounts.

It is this honesty and insight into a personʼs innermost feelings which has always fascinated me about the medium of letters no matter whether sent off to a recipient or written as a kind of individual catharsis.

So my sincere hope for you, dear reader, is that by the last page of this zine, you will not only have been moved by its contents, but also have been inspired to write a letter of your own.

Founder, Editor-in-Chief & Designer: Veruschka Haas
Cover Illustration: Aya Mohamed

The zine is in A5 format and has 76 pages.