Lemon #16

Lemon is a magazine for modern parenting - refreshing, aspirational and inclusive. It speaks to mothers who understand that with motherhood the juggle really is real but with the juggle comes inspiration. These empowering women are aware they are raising the future and that their actions and opinions can make a difference. They are mothers who are running the boardroom but also make it back for bath time because they know it’s little moments like these that won’t last forever. LEMON is the intelligent glossy magazine for today’s modern mother.

Lemon 16 // Winter Issue

See the latest trends in kid’s fashion for this Winter

Meet Power Mum Carina Caldeira, the Glitter Queen

Get to know Cool Dad Joey Fatone, member of the boyband NSYNC, and what he is up to lately

Read the story of Isabel Cunha and her civil custody journey

Find out more about The Simple Folk, Bohannah Gerritsen

Read about everything you need to know before breastfeeding

Get to know the story of Paria Hassouri and her daughter Ava, that came out as transgender.

Travel with the Carlsons to the U.S national Parks

Know the most common winter beauty problems and how to best solve them.

Join Nina Gruntkowski in an interview about her work with teas and learn some matcha recipes for adults and children

And much more… This is the Winter edition you cannot miss!