Laurent Millet - À Peu près Euclide

Laurent Millet (Author)

Laurent Millet offers a graphic and chromatic exploration of the language of Oliver Byrne, author of an 1850 treatise celebrating the marriage of art and science. From making models to creating photographic prints with gum bi-chromate, which gives them a graphic quality that is difficult to parse, Millet summons the vocabularies of both the 20th-century avant-gardes and the Memphis movement. Observations, architectures, measuring devices, tools, and models are recurrent in his work, contributing to the construction of what the artist calls a “measured reverie”. The book is an unbound portfolio whose pages, slipped into a pocket, adapt to the format of the 21 photographs.

Paperback, 20 pages
Published by Fotokino
ISBN 9782902565511
22 x 27 cm