KIDZ 2022 is a collective work of art. Fifty ‘carte blanche’ to fifty young artists from all parts of the world, curated by Raphaëlle Bellanger & Anna Gardère.

The selected artists were given each a double page spread of 43x27cm that they were free to use whatever they feel like.

KIDZ is a book that aims to showcase today’s youth creativeness. They offer to a selection of artists two double blank pages that the artists are free to use whatever they feel like, in an ongoing dialogue with the KIDZ team.

In 2016, Raphaelle Bellanger was thinking of a book about creative young people and teamed up with her childhood friend Anna Gardere. They worked together on the concept and made KIDZ a reality. They are now launching a new limited and numbered edition of KIDZ with 50 artists from all over the world.