Kern Gold Stones Studs

Nadja Carlotti is a French brand of Jewelry, whose leitmotiv is sobriety and lightness. Across collections since 2007, Nadia designs with balance of forms and colors. She’s always guided by her watchwords: elegance and minimalism
Travels, history of Art, Architecture, offer her an endless source of inspiration.
All her jewels are imagined and made in France, in Paris, in brass gold plated, nickel free and in collaboration with Parisian crafstmen (welder, gilder, enameler) whose know-how is a guarantee of quality.

The Kern collection is the logical continuation of the "LANDSCAPE" collection. It is an evocation of the small or large pebbles that are collected and sow in clusters on a hiking trail to signify our passage.

This trail is the one that leads to the theatrical Green Sand Bach, on Big Island, Hawaii. To reach this magical beach, you will need crossing lava fields not far from South Point, park the car on a road with a wasteland, walking 3 miles in the middle of nowhere, in the pampas and then on a dry and dusty path. Being hot, being thirsty, wondering if It is the right way because you will not pass anyone for 1 hour.

Then reassure yourself by finally discovering the ocean and some kerns. it must be that way. To finally see this majestic beach forming a perfect 1/2 circle like a natural amphitheatre. Place your small pebble on the kern in heart shape already built on the cliff before going down among the furrows rocky to join the green olivine sand bordering the restless ocean.

Gilded with 24k (1 micron) fine gold. Nickel-free. Designed and manufactured in France, in the Paris region.

Drop pattern size: 0.5 x 0.6 cm