Keizo Kitajima: European Diary 1983. 1984.

Keizo Kitajima (Photographer)

A strictly limited edition of 500 copies. Save for some, nearly all the photographs featured in this book have not been published or publicly exhibited prior to this publication.

It is not rare for pictures to remain unnoticed for a long time because innumerable photos are often kept in our digital devices without ever being seen again. Keizo Kitajima travelled to Eastern Europe in 1983 to take these pictures as a photographer and not as a tourist, yet for these to have remained unseen despite his initial intention to exhibit them, involves a specific if strange operation which bears directly on the question " when does one become a photographer?" This publication, in fact, provides an answer: only after 35 years did Kitajima become a photographer of these sites.

Keizo Kitajima was born in 1954 in Suzaka (Nagano Prefecture), Japan. He began photography at an early age; his discovery of the precursory works of Nobuyoshi Araki and Daidō Moriyama marked his teenage years. He was an original member of the Workshop Photo School. Like Moriyama, Kitajima developed an interest in the creative potential of photography’s reproducibility, but he took the notion of transformation in a very different direction, focusing on the layers of reproduction in his own work rather than the degeneration of cultural media. Kitajima’s photography is haunted by an obsession: identity, or rather the opposite; what Kitajima himself calls un-identity.

Softcover, 364 pages

Limited Edition of 500 copies

Published by LittleBigMan Books (2019)