Juxtapoz #217

Spring 2021

This is a new year, and in so many ways, it feels like  a fresh start. We didn’t really get a 2020, at least in the ways we thought we would. It got us thinking about the ones we lean on, those we look to for inspiration, and that is why our Spring 2021 cover by Yusuke Hanai offers reason for hope and support. It is so clear; friends supporting each other in times of trouble. Such directness guides us in leaving the last year (or four) behind. Yusuke is a rare, humble talent who can convey truth for a collective consciousness. This Spring, our quarterly focuses on forthright honesty and a sense of possibility, from Yusuke to Chris Martin, Tiffany Alfonseca to Ryan Travis Christian.

The full Spring 2021 lineup includes Yusuke Hanai, Amoako Boafo, Ania Hobson, Hernan Bas, Tiffany Alfonseca, Ryan Travis Christian, Shannon T Lewis, En Iwamura, Cathrin Hoffmann, Helen Bur, Christopher Martin, Tony Toscani, Khalik Allah, Yinka Ilori, Alexandra Sipa and more!