It's Freezing In LA #Visible Signs Special Edition

Since 2018 the independent magazine It’s Freezing in LA! has been publishing thoughtful climate writing, seeking out creative ways of engaging with some of the most pressing environmental issues. In its five years it has seen 9 editions, all of which focus on broad themes – from regeneration, greenwashing and borders to humans and ecology – and in 2021 released its first series of audiobooks, followed by a second earlier this year. Now, the magazine has published its first special edition: Visible Signs That Something Isn’t Right: Creative Responses to the Climate Crisis.

It’s Freezing in LA! is a fresh and impassioned magazine dedicated to raising awareness of climate change. (The title comes from a speech Donald Trump made in 2013 denying climate change.) Engaging with the challenge of climate change while insisting on the possibility of change, it’s a sobering but ultimately optimistic read.

Inside this pink-hued bumper edition are three sections: Community, Consumption and, at the back of the magazine, a section exploring 'the relationship between design and ecology.' Though visually, it's still IFLA!, its accents have evolved somewhat, with different typefaces, layouts and a pleasing collection of icons and symbols (particularly on the back page, where you'll find the contents). And next up of course, it'll be their 10th issue...