It's Freezing in LA! #8

It's Freezing in LA! is an independent magazine about climate change. It features insightful contributions by a host of writers and illustrators from a variety of different fields. IFILA! aims to widen environmental discussion by offering a range of vocabulary not found elsewhere and featuring bright opinions on our greatest challenges.

In Issue #8:

‘This morning, I put on a sweatshirt made in Vietnam. I purchased an Americano (a ‘complex blend of organic beans from Peru, Honduras, Ethiopia and Sumatra’). Then I sat down to write about climate reparations in a British city built from the proceeds of the transatlantic slave trade.’ Sahar Shah

In this issue of It’s Freezing in LA!, we turn our attention to borders as they criss-cross the climate movement in their many forms.

Some borders allow us to delineate, carve out spaces of sanctuary, or define where certain laws should apply.

Others (like those around nations) obstruct, exclude, discriminate and harm; they are hard where they should be loose, porous, or not exist at all.

In these pages, our writers and illustrators explore all forms of borders. We consider conceptual frontiers: those that see the climate siloed as a ‘scientific’ topic, or separate the human and non-human. We explore physical boundaries around contested spaces and resources, trace the efforts of companies and states to exert undue influence across legal perimeters and consider how mechanisms like reparations
might rebalance unequal responsibility for environmental devastation across global lines.

Climate action means tearing down old borders and finding ways to establish new boundaries with justice and regeneration in mind – the crisis we face demands nothing less.