It's Freezing in LA! #2

It's Freezing in LA! is an independent magazine about climate change. It features insightful contributions by a host of writers and illustrators from a variety of different fields. IFILA! aims to widen environmental discussion by offering a range of vocabulary not found elsewhere and featuring bright opinions on our greatest challenges.

Issue 2: Fire

2019 must be the year that we muster all our collective courage and strength to put the Restoration and protection of the natural world at the heart of our economy. 
Caroline Lucas MP, IFLA! issue 2

Following a tumultuous 2018 for climate action, at IFLA! we've been thinking about profound change.

In issue 2 we consider how best to prioritise Indigenous voices, redesign design questions and take a look at a long history of attempts to change the weather. We look at peat bogs and algae; cosmetics and tungsten bulbs, and untangle a few more strands of humanity's greatest challenge.