Inside3 Cthulu 'PHANTOM SERIES' Puzzle

Welcome to the dark, dark world of Inside3 - The Mastermind company behind a series of confusing, confounding and infuriating puzzles! Inside3 Puzzles are blind labyrinths. The player must use their skill, dexterity and patience to navigate their ball through layers and layers of twists and turns, drops and jumps!

The Cthulu is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, sealed inside a puzzle shaped cube. The Cthulu is not only the hardest and most devious labyrinth puzzle developed by Inside3, they went one step further and threw away the map! As part of their infamous 'Phantom Series', the Cthulu demands that the player listen and feel intently to the movement of the ball, exploring all possible avenues within the darkness of the chamber. Is it possible? Yes...but you may be here a while. Manufactured in France to impeccably high standards and presented in Inside3's signature, fun packaging. Present this model to your customers as the ULTIMATE challenge.