Inside3 Awful 'ZERO SERIES' Puzzle

Welcome to the dark, dark world of Inside3 - The Mastermind company behind a series of confusing, confounding and infuriating puzzles! Inside3 Puzzles are blind labyrinths. The player must use their skill, dexterity and patience to navigate their ball through layers and layers of twists and turns, drops and jumps!

Yup, this puzzle is complicated it can only be described as awful - no matter how good your dexterity and patience, the Inside3 team have placed dozens of traps and dead-ends to keep you scratching your head for hours. Rest assured, the player is provided with a map and in the worst case scenario, the puzzle can be taken apart to retrieve the ball if it does get lost for hours in the darkness - but that would just be quitting! Made in France to high standards, the ZERO series of puzzles from Inside3 is the ultimate labyrinth challenge.