INPRINT is a proudly independent creative platform that celebrates modern luxury in an ever-evolving global community.

What began in 2015 as a zine has grown into a multi-channel media business with tightly curated offerings across print, digital and ecommerce.

With inherent style and an uncompromising commitment to its core values of creativity, diversity, compassion and craftsmanship, INPRINT creates meaningful content that tells compelling stories and engages audiences. INPRINT publishes a print biannual, creates digital content and curates an online marketplace.

INPRINT is also at the forefront of bespoke content and brand collaboration, working with an agile approach that delivers specific outcomes across advertising campaigns, native content, events and activations, and broader solutions such as creative strategy and brand identity.

INPRINT is a magazine from stylist and creative director Megha Kapoor, that aims to explore the creative space between photographer, stylist, and model, with an emphasis on pushing boundaries and honouring the individual.

Cover Dr Lisa Cooper, photographed by James Tolich

Issue #11 of INPRINT Magazine
Benee, photographed & styled by Zara Mirkin.
Jordan Barrett, photographed by Simon Eeles.