Innovator's High

Robert Gerlach (Author, Designer)

This latest book from Robert Gerlach's training academy - IQudo Sport of Ideas, brings new insights on business creativity. In Innovator's High, Robert Gerlach, a global expert on business creativity, shares his biggest insights on creative thinking, such as:

The #1 reason why people have their best ideas on the job

An unknown secret behind the innovators Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs

How "coopetition" accelerates talent development

How to withstand fast decision-making and tolerate uncertainty

Why Mozart’s genius wouldn’t reach a high note in today’s open-plan offices

How to eat creativity

How to transform negative feelings into creative power

Why permissiveness – and not a creative space – stimulates the mind

How to Karate chop writer’s block

Why great artists never steal!

Paperback, 273 pages
Published by iqudo (2017)
ISBN 9783981850000
21.4 x 14.9 x 1.9 cm