IdN #25.3

IdN v25n3: Packaging Design — A lot more to it than meets the eye.

There are so many possibilities for packaging design, starting from what colour scheme to use, how to highlight the brand’s identity and maybe further expand it, what graphics to employ to max out it’s appeal. Next, what shape should it be? An original shape may have extra-cost considerations, but on the other hand, its rarity value could boost customers’ attention. Add some special printing techniques such as die-cut, which could reveal a second layer to create a degree of suspense in the unpacking process.

In the following feature, we have gathered together 49 creatives who have all burned much midnight oil on packaging design. They have encountered and overcome all the above concerns and challenges and are happy to share their experiences and the wisdom that came with them on what makes a good piece of packaging design through showcasing their works and as well as their thoughts.

- IdN



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