IdN #24.5

IdN v24n5: Infographics & User Interfaces — Crossing All Borders and Ticking All Boxes

If you really stop to think about it, all design-related works could be categorised under the heading of “infographics”, which is essentially just a matter of combining graphics with information. Whether the information appears by way of text or numerals, it has to be visually arresting to draw the viewer’s eye to it.

This is not our first issue dedicated to infographics and user-interface (UI) design. But we are always amazed that so many inspired infographic works are springing from this relatively new design field. In the digital world that we all now inhabit, apps have become ubiquitous and many of them can be classified as infographics. Most sites’ interfaces combine shades of both info and graphics — and every click you are about to make has been meticulously designed.


Adolfo Arranz | Anıl Yanık | Beach | Biqi Zhang | CHKY/Chragi Frei | Črtomir Just | Daniel Lepik | Danny Yount | Dennis Schäfer | Ella Zheng Meisi/Ellaisweird | FFunction | Fiorella Celeste Allera | Gemma Warriner | GMUNK | Jane Ro | John Koltai | Jonathan Petersen | Jorge Almeida | Julien Nolin | KAIWA | Katharina Schwarz | Keren Shalev | Kuba Bogaczynski | LargeNetwork | Leo Burnett Toronto | LOOP | LUMBRE | Marti Romances | Martín Liveratore | Márton Borzák | Nat Kunyapat | Peter Grundy/Grundini Ltd | Renato Klieger | Robbie Bolick aka Drbolick | Rocío Fernández Fuks | Stefania Guerra | Mike Carreira | STUDIO TERP | Territory Studio | Toby Ng Design | Vincent Studios | zazu.tv


160p + 8p cover
160mm (w) x 230mm (h)
4 varying paper stocks
4C process + matt lamination