IdN #24.3

IdN v24nThinking (Inside) the Box - Sequential Art,Comics & Illustration

Although more commonly referred to as “comics”, especially if the tales told concern the antics of super-heroes, the remit of a narrative genre in which illustrations share equal billing with the words is much wider than that of simply propagating fantastic world-saving feats.

It can involve film-making story-boards, animation and speech balloons, and with its 2D presentation of “moving” graphics, it acts as a kind of halfway house between literature and the cinema. Good drawing skills are as necessary as the ability to delineate a plausible story-line. But within those very wide parameters, there is room for as many styles as there are practitioners of them.


Alex Arizmendi aka MFK00 | Amélie Fléchais | Anand Radhakrishnan | Anthony Summey/Summey Illustration | Asaf Hanuka | Briony May Smith | Butcher Billy | El Don Guillermo | Enrique Fernández | Freak City | Gavin Aung Than | Jakub Rebelka | Jared Muralt | Jiye Kim | Jordi Lafebre | Julien Perron | La Nonette | Joachim Leclercq | Loïc Locatelli Kournwsky | Max Baitinger | Mike Anderson aka Mikuloctopus | Miquel Muerto | Pablo Delcielo | Paul Maybury | Sam Taylor | Sherif Adel/Barbatoze Comics | Taarika John | Thomke Meyer | Thrashead | Tomáš Olekšák | Tonci Zonjic | Tony Cliff | Von Randal | Wes Craig | Xabi Mendoza/Le Stryge Studios | Zimzonowicz