i-D Summer 2021 #363

Over 40 years, i-D has carved its position as the premier source for fashion inspiration, and in 2012, joined the VICE Media family to expand VICE’s reach into digital fashion content. i-D has come a long way since its beginnings as a hand-stapled magazine and has developed into a leading video-driven platform, documenting fashion, music and contemporary culture from around the globe. i-D reaches an ambitious and creative audience, offering access to the most inspiring names in fashion and exploring everything from high-end couture to underground style scenes.

363. The New Worldwi-De Issue
The Summer 2021 issue of i-D is about how hopeful we are about the future. It's about freshness and newness. These are the new pioneers of music, sport, art, beauty, fashion and photography. This is our new world, worldwi-De!

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