Hot Hot Hot! #3

hot hot hot! magazine is a publication that explores climate change and relating issues with a playful air through collaboration with a host of fresh photographers, designers and writers. Now in its second issue.

'A collective wandering, an essay, a survey about a feverish subject dear to our heart, Global Warming.

hot hot hot!
A playground to produce new pictures, an exploration of the overlapping thoughts regarding climate change and hopefully as suggested by the philosopher Timothy Morton - a chance to raise further thinking...

We share a sustainable ethic vision with our contributors. We believe in different ways of thinking. New voices. New images.

We would like to highlight the challenges of tomorrow, explore the innovations, make assumptions about our future.

Our talents are artists from every horizons, photographers, painters, philosophers, poets, journalists, scientists, performers…

Environmental issues will be treated with expertise, playfulness and poetry, developing different angles and point of views. We can laugh at ourselves, feel emotions in many different ways; beauty can be everywhere.' - Hot hot hot! mag