Hometown Journal #2

What makes us human? What makes us creatives? And at what cost?

Hometown Journal #2

Hometown has always been about places, memories, and stories, but recently those were missing something very essential.

Since most of us are still locked down worldwide, we were confronted with a desire to reach out to other human beings again.

To find out about our identity and what it means to be alive. That’s what episode 2 is about.

An interview with New York City-based filmmaker Lance Edmands explores the life of an Amish atheist.

Alec Soth‘s new book delves into depression and how creativity can emerge from that darkness and give hope.

Photographer Cole Barash asks “what is the symmetry between objects from different environments yet living in the same climate”?

We talked to the directors Miles Jay, Stefanie Soho, and Asan Aslam about how self doubt affects creativity.

The Paris-based illustrator designed the centerfold of this issue. It shows the vibrant and insightful voyage of her creative process.

Through his series „Passengers“, Cesar Dezfuli gives migrants an identity. And much more.

Independent magazine
• Language: English
• Circulation: 800, hand-numbered
• Retail Price: 30€
• produced in Germany
• 156 pages with 6 chapters
• Features 16 creatives from
9 countries
• 7 different types of paper
• 14 printing techniques

Design and Concept
All features picked in consideration of suiting each story perfectly, both visually and haptically.
• Foil-stamped cover and back-cover
• Transparent page
• Duplex printing
• Spot varnish as highlighting
• Up-cycled plastic foils
• Two fold outs
• Chapter separators in differents shades of grey
• One font in the entire magazine (there is one exception)
• Ranging papers from light 70g paper to 150g high-end paper