Hometown Journal #1

Hometown Journal Episode 1

This magazine is about who we are - as creatives, as humans, as citizens. It’s where we come from and where we want to be going. Hometown investigates the work of passionate creators all over the globe,  as a reflection of today’s constantly evolving zeitgeist. By digging deep into the complex dynamics of modern-day systems and their functions, we hope to reach the core of each topic, and collectively discover new possibilities for change.

Hometown is printed on seven different types of paper, with a grainy, satisfyingly rough front cover, illustrated by Maria Jesus Contreras and finished with a foil stamp.

In the middle of the issue, there’s an extravagant pull-out spread showing the full illustration by Contreras, who is interviewed in the opening feature.

There’s also an in-built file slotted in, designed to contain the unpublished work by the featured photographer Pat Martin.

Furthermore, a transparent orange page introduces us to the work of Maxime Cardol meant to remind us of old spider paper used in private photo books.

All partly coated and uncoated papers used are FSC certificated and the used offset printing process is entirely chemical-free.