Heroine #5

HEROINE #5 – Girl Next Door

Fall/Winter 16

Ari Marcopoulos shoots three iconic covers with real-life girls next door, and an accompanying 32 page zine Chaos II.


We shoot and interview eight genre-de ning bedroom producers, changing the face of music made at home, with a cuppa and a laptop. DKNY’s Dao- Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne talk us through their vision for the brand now they’ve had a chance to de ne it.

Bordeaux-born musician and actress Soko has two lms on the verge of release, and is dressed by Gucci for a spontaneous trip in the back of a cadillac through Santa Monica and the hills of Topanga Canyon.

Young designer Philip Ellis talks rent, pattern- cutting and politics. Artist-photographer Dafy Hagai shoots skaters in the burbs, Laura Coulson travels back to her home county of Devon to shoot friends of friends in the latest runway looks. Daniel King takes a trip to real casinos of Atlantic City with the best looks of the season for our collections story.

Nicholas Kern and Karen Kaiser create a study of an artist; Tom Johnson shoots eight real-life twins, Danielle Levitt shares the second part of her young atheletes at home series, which begins in HERO.

HEROINE fashion director Gro Curtis teams up with Cedric Buchet and with Emma Summerton on two cinematic stories representing two takes on the girl next door.

We select two striking designers graduating this year from London’s Central Saint Martins – Henriette Tilanus and Richard Quinn, and ‘it model’ of
the season
Suzi Leenaars is shot by HEROINE editor-in-chief Fabien Kruszelnicki with fashion by Steve Morriss.