Heroine #17


Freedom Nurtures Creativity

COVER: Daniel Roseberry’s Schiaparelli

The fantasy-horror of Daniel Roseberry's Schiaparelli FW22 is brought to life by photographer Ferry van der Nat and HEROINE fashion director Peghah Maleknejad – writer Simon Chilvers digs deep into Roseberry’s theatrical craft.

COVER: Kaitlyn Dever

Arizona-born actor Kaitlyn Dever is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s most immersive talents: from the socially-awkward Amy in Booksmart, to survivor of sexual assault in Unbelievable, to painkiller-addicted coal miner in Hulu’s prestige mini-series Dopesick. In anticipation of her leading turn in Rosaline (the revenge-driven cousin of Juliet, who dated Romeo first), Dever is in conversation with Ticket to Paradise co-star (and ultimate fan) Billie Lourd. Both films are out this month.

COVER: Janet Jumbo

Leading model Janet Jumbo takes centre-stage for a surreal and dramatic cover story photographed by renowned photographer Mark Seliger and stylist Daniel Edley.

Also in this issue

Stars of the new Scream reboot, Melissa Barrera and Jasmin Savoy Brown are in conversation as they film the latest instalment of the cult horror film in Canada – Barrera is soon to take on the titular role in Benjamin Millepied’s upcoming adaptation of the classic opera, Carmen.

London-based designer Chet Lo brings with him a vision of tactile beauty so unique, so illustrious, and so full of danger. As he readies his latest collection, Lo takes us through his neon-spiked design process: “I started looking at scientific names of jellyfish and envisioning this housewife in the year 3000.”

We spotlight Maximilian Davis' ethereal FW22 collection (the designer has recently been announced as creative director of Salvatore Ferragamo) as he prepares his debut offering for the Italian fashion giant.

Sunflower Bean frontwoman Julia Cumming encourages us to dance out our anger, soundtracked by the NYC band’s acclaimed new record, Headful of Sugar. “Why not make a record that makes you want to dance? Why not make a record that makes you want to scream?”

Rain Spencer's breakthrough role in Good Girl Jane was a seminal moment for the rising actor, and also the film’s director Sarah Elizabeth Mintz; the story is framed around her own adolescent struggles. In conversation, these two burgeoning talents find inspiration in each other’s success.

Plus, legendary photographer Ari Marcopoulos shares his latest instalment of CHAOS, a unique zine collaboration only found in the pages of HEROINE.

Samuel Stephenson and Keeley Dawson document the Alexander McQueen FW22 collection, Josh Hight creates glistening Man Ray-inspired diamond portraits, Laura Marie Cieplik and Erik Raynal capture the boundary-blurring sensibility of MM6 Maison Margiela, and Fabien Montique and Laetitia Paul showcase the defining looks of SS23 in AMAZING, our regular look at the best looks from the shows.