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Hapax #2

Co-editors Christiane Monarchi and Gordon MacDonald bring you Hapax Magazine, through which we work to reset the idea of a visual arts magazine: enabling the creation of new images and ideas while supporting the artists and authors making them, to be enjoyed by an international audience.

It’s a simple proposition, one that draws on the editors’ experience working across publishing, image making, commissioning and curating.

Hapax Magazine takes its name from the literary term ‘hapax legomenon’ describing a one-off, creative departure from an author’s oeuvre — something unique and new and ‘said only once’ in their practice.

Hapax Magazine now makes this idea visual by commissioning international lens-based artists and curators who are keen to test new ideas which depart from their previously established creative practice. The result: a magazine quite distinct from the established model, as the content hasn’t existed before, and will only be seen in its printed pages.

In an age of visual overload and repetition, Hapax Magazine creates a space to incubate new ideas, share them with an audience, and also keep them special.

Issue #2
Including newly commissioned works by Alice Duncan, Gaia Cambiaggi, Jo Longhurst, Sana Ginwalla and Yvette Monahan. With new curations from Eva Eicker considering the work of Bieke Depoorter, Emil Lombardo, and Zora J. Murff and Rana Young; and Isabella Seniuta curating images from the archive of James Barnor.