Gil Rigoulet: Rockabilly 82

Gildas Lescop (Author), Gil Rigoulet (Photographer)

This archive of a not-so distant era, brought to life after 30 years by photographer Gil Rigoulet and Author Gildas Lescop, provides a personal and intimate portrait of rockabilly sub-culture through the lens of a young Gil Rigoulet. 

“A couple of six-packs of “Kro” sit on the boot of the blue Chambord with a white roof, Saturday afternoon in a dead end street of St Michel. Detached houses from the Fifties stand all around us,

the car’s backlight needs to be changed, the pompadours look sharp, we are discussing the rusty patches, the Ranch where the gang is to meet that evening; a young girl with a headscarf dating from another era sits next to us, two Arondes pull in, the afternoon is slipping away, from the Chambord’s tape player tunes from Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers fill the air, the six-packs are gone, not a “Kro” left, the V8 of the Simca Versailles is purring like an American one, we all cram into the cars about to roar off, my Nikon F burns the Tri X…

For the next three months, I will follow Marco, Raynald, Michel, Eric, Boumé, Lionel, Titi, Denis, Alan, Jimmy, Laurent, Bouboule and the others, in their bedroom, with their parents, at the Tuffier hair saloon, at work, at King Bee’s record vendor, on the parking lot where they fix their Arondes, the Chambord … at the Liberty bar, during the dancing parties at the Jularedo Ranch; the gang where pals are more important than a gal.”
Gil Rigoulet, Évreux, Normandy, April 1982.

Hardcover, 104 pages
Published by Andre Frere Editions (1 July 2016)
ISBN 9791092265446
19 x 1.3 x 16.5 cm