Gatekeeper #2

Gatekeeper aims to investigate the art market in all its entities, gaining insight into the complexities and functions of the art world. It's primarily about teaching, educating, and acting as a learning resource The project is all about giving fresh-faced creatives more information in vital areas of an industry that can be daunting even at the best of times.

Issue 02 ‘Indispensable’

Gatekeeper launches its second issue exploring the word 'Indespensible', collaborating with exciting individuals who have shared their work and perception on the art market. Featuring work and writing from: Jonathan Barnbrook, Anastasia Fjodorova, All Mouth Gallery, Stella Botes, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Greg Rook, Migrate Art, Kengwu Yerlikaya, Tom Wilmott, Jade French.