Frankie #88

Happy on-sale day to you, frankie friends! Issue 88 is officially out in the UK with plenty of goodness squished between its pages. Like what, you ask? Well, Curious George and/or Georgette, there’s a guide to starting your own veggie patch, for one – complete with a handy-dandy planting chart.

You’ll also find a breakdown of the best and worst places to take a dip, some rather glorious marine-inspired weaving, and paintings devoted to the art of doing nothing at all. We meet some pretty special people, as well: creative types in shared studios; a lass inspired by her cross-cultural adoption; and another who spends her days staring into space for legitimate work.

We discuss things only people with cancer know; romance novels that don’t totally suck; and explore some of history’s secret languages and codes. All that, plus the usual laughs, prettiness and chin-scratchers? Sounds pretty good, if we do say so ourselves.