Frankie #85

Inside, you’ll find all manner of things to keep your eyes and noggin happy, like some gaudy wedding ‘chariots’ direct from southern india; a crochet artist doing things a little differently; and enough cuddly cushions to build one epic pillow fort.

also within its pretty pages: four young and talented playwrights currently bursting onto australia’s theatre scene. we take a trip to alaska to meet the locals, and visit a ‘boozy bakery’ in melbourne’s west. (you’ll find a history of aerobics – complete with leotards, astronauts and hollywood royalty – tucked away in between, as well.)
some frankie friends tell us how they look after their brains; others ponder the public holiday we really need. plus, there’s a non-scary guide to creating political change; a road test of face masks, good, bad and goopy; and a fashion line inspired by childhood wobblies. all that, on top of the usual frankie good times – what more could you need?