Foyer #1

FOYER is an independent magazine celebrating and exploring untold stories from people of mixed, third culture and second-generation cultural heritage

FOYER /ˈfɔɪeɪ/ noun

English: a hall, a lobby or anteroom, used for reception, a place where people can wait and meet each other

French: a hearth, a home or household, a social club

FOYER Issue 01: Connect

For our first issue, we explore how to connect with our mixed cultural identities. We look in-depth at how we find and forge connections from all the different cultural backgrounds which come together to make us who we are.

A preview of our first issue:

We join entrepreneur Mae Yip, one of the brains behind ERIC career platform, to investigate how her cultural heritage has influenced her business.
Exploring personal memoirs from Third Culture Kids, we examine feelings of homelessness and the creation of new or 'fifth' identities, and we share a TCK tool kit for beginners.
Fictional stories compare two breakfasts side by side, an epiphany in a shoe department, and a translator officiating a wedding in two languages.
Thought provoking non-fiction essays examine culture and connection through Ghanaian fairy tales, Morrocan games and carpets, Mexican and Filipino food memories, and family.
Powerful photo essays explore the Dutch government’s apology to Indonesians, and an emotive photo collection of important statues protected from the war in Ukraine.
This Issue is filled with optimism and celebrates the uniqueness in us all.

FOYER is printed on uncoated paper.

FOYER will contribute 1% of your purchase to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.