Fluffer Everyday #4

PLEASE NOTE: This is a magazine for adults, containing explicit material. You have to be 18+ years old in order to purchase this publication.

This issue pays tribute to everyday professionals providing services that may seem intimate. A masseur, a hairdresser, a nail technician, a tailor and other everyday people that invade your personal space in ways that may excite you. All stories presented in the magazine are based on real events.

Two special edition covers, with each cover printed just in 500 pieces. Every magazine is numbered on the back cover.

edition of 1000 copies in total, 2 covers x 500 pieces each.

21Χ28,4 cm

48 pages + cover

inside: illustration paper 115gr.

cover illustration paper 250gr.

Fluffer Everyday is a collectable magazine presenting you the sexy heroes of your everyday life. Fantasies becoming obsessions and everyday stuff getting you hard - that’s Fluffer Everyday. The guy that makes your coffee everyday in the coffee shop just right in the corner, your doctor, the super hot ginger you come across on the street. Everyone could be your fluffer. Our first issue was published in November 2016,  and presents our idea of the everyday fluffer - everyday people getting you hard in everyday situations. Every upcoming issue will elaborate on a fluffer theme/idea.