Extra Extra #11

Turn your senses upside down. Extra Extra’s issue 11 transforms a tender gesture into a dance of stirring desire.

Seeing bodies as monsters, Lucrecia Martel talks about unruly desires, suffering, and the geography of the body on the left bank of the Paraguay river in a candid talk with with Manuel Betancourt. The light of Tim Etchells’ neon signs flickers in Samuel Saelemakers’ head. Together they talk about the eroticism of semantic, phone sex, and ventriquolism.

Anicka Yi’s conversation with Rosa de Graaf has a flavour that can spur longing, form sense memories, and reconfigure the sensuous politics of taste. Quinn Latimer wonders how to live in another body by unmasking the erotic relationship between the performer and the audience. Out of sight, Fatos Ustek elaborates an exciting reading of Alain Badiou’s In Praise of Love in the essay titled Event Horizon.

Cruising for discretion, Richard John Jones unravels the history of poppers, shares glimpses of Vito Acconci, amongst other provocative sparks. Nathalie Hartjes imagines the unnamed archetypal city inspired by the pathways and crevices of the Extra Extra archive. The sultry sound of the Paris suburbs by Tshegue uplifts our bodies beyond the fusion of vivid afros rhythm, garage rock, electro trance, and club-culture music. Through the eyes of Adomas Narkevičius, we witness the breakthrough of the hidden sensuality of Vilnius and its liberation from the constraints of the past.
This issue of Extra Extra Magazine includes a panel of dashing visual imageries; Let yourself be seduced by the erotic flesh as captured in Patrizio di Massimo’s paintings; Kris Lemsalu’s puppet-like sensuality explodes our pupils. Breathe a little louder darling, yes breathe a little louder while reading the Extra Extra erotic shorts stories by Don Duyns, Maartje Wortel, Abdelkader Benali, Daniël Dee, Marja Pruis, Carmien Michels, Daniël Rovers, and Kaweh Modiri.