Exit #35


Founded 17 years ago in 2000 by photographer Stephen Toner and art director Mark Jubber it continues to set the agenda within the creative industries.

Its blend of high fashion, art and world-class photography continues to make each beautifully curated edition a collector’s item. Published twice a year, EXIT magazine quickly established a reputation for highly original content brought together in its pages by an established and emerging set of unique photographers, stylists and artists bound by a search for creativity and authenticity.

EXIT is a luxury glossy magazine that documents and defines art, fashion and photography through contemporary culture. EXIT embraces and encourages creativity, which is why after 17 years leading its field, its editorial content still manages to surprise and inspire.

Issue 35

Featuring covers of Sophie Cookson and Sasha Lane.

Photography Content Dan Boulton, David George, Alec Soth, Elizabeth Tillman, Chris Tubbs.

Art content Basquiat, Stacy Leigh, Beth Tompkins, Chloe Wise.

Photography & Fashion content Kimbra Audrey, Evan Browning, Kenneth Cappello, Yaniv Edry, Charlotte Hadden, Dree Hemingway, Ben Parks, Michael Schwartz, Sofie and Maarten, Tung Walsh.