Entorse #3

Entorse Magazine explores the culture of basketball through design, photography and illustration

Entorse means “to sprain” in French which is the most common injury sustained by basketball players. “Faire une entorse,” however, (which translates to “do a sprain,” in English) has a wider resolve, as an idiom of the French language that means to break the rules or go against the norm. It’s this double interpretation that led photo editor and photographer Benjamin Schmuck, editor-in-chief Stephane Peaucelle-Laurens and design studio Helmo to name their new magazine about the culture of basketball, Entorse.

Entorse is currently all in French: “Basketball in France has become a sort of underground punk scene,” explains Benjamin, “the goal is to shine a light on this sport, which died in this country several years ago.” The plan for the future, however, is to become bilingual and reach a more international audience. Entorse launched in December 2017 in the oldest basketball court in the world, in Paris.

Now in its third issue.