ENCENS N49, spring/summer 2023.

An issue that shed a light on Encens' passion for magazines. CHRISTOPHER ANDREWS has grown up surrounded with them. He remembers the way each title was curated, the flicking through the photographs, the touching of the paper.

FRANCOISE HA VAN had her breakthrough in 1983 with French ELLE, where before anyone else she put into orbit the new shapeless appearence of the newcomers COMME DES GARCONS and YOHJI YAMAMOTO. PHILIP CLARKE goes down to memory lane with two of the most thought provoking stylists of our time - CAROLINE BAKER and DEBBI MASON. PATRIZIA ROVERSI recalls her styling for the most hypnotizing and purists Polaroids of the early career of PAOLO ROVERSI. MIGUEL ADROVER in conversation with DAL CHODHA.

ANGELO FLACCAVENTO in an attempt to collect 786 words on the silent guru of minimalism ZORAN. And NICCOLO PASQUALETTI share his quest of never seen before garments with MERYL FONTEK.