Elska #28 Amsterdam

About Elska 28 (Amsterdam, Netherlands):

Elska Amsterdam is our twenty-eighth issue and our first made in the Netherlands. This is one of the most popular cities to visit in the world, and the Netherlands has long been lauded for its support of LGBTQ rights, being the first country in the world to embrace same-sex marriage. Amsterdam is also one of our most requested cities to feature, and we're excited to finally present it to you.

Inside this issue you'll meet a selection of gay Amsterdammers who have shared their bodies and stories with us. If you're expecting a bunch of images of lads in tulip fields dotted with windmills, wearing clogs and smoking, then you'll be disappointed. Our approach rather is gloriously ordinary - just a bunch of local gay, bi and queer men photographed walking around their neighbourhoods dressed in their own style and then in their own homes undressed. You will still see a lot of canals though, and maybe a bag of chips (erm, Vlaamse frites) - it is Amsterdam after all.

Each of the men we met has also his photospread accompanied by a person story, written by the subject himself. Some of the stories in this issue include: Arthur T's text about trying to let go of the perfection obsession in Insta-society; George E's story about being a new arrival in the country and being made to feel wholly unwelcome through an onslaught of passive aggressive comments and looks; Alex L's tale of a long flirtation of a dancer who once asked on Grindr to use his bathtub; Soek Z's piece about sex with an older man; and Rodrigo T's call for all to get naked.

Features images of / stories from: Blake S, Arnie M, Arthur T, Qian H, Soek Z, Rodrigo T, George E, Ran M, Jacques K, Alex L, Nick M, and Henri B.

We also recommend ordering Elska Ekstra Amsterdam, available as part of the “bundle” , for loads of outtakes, behind the scenes tales, and to meet the following additional Amsterdam boys: Andrés L, Miguel M, and “Anonymous OC Boy”.

Details and Specs:

Elska Amsterdam is 196 pages. The print version is 170mm x 240mm (approx 6.7 x 9.4 in), full colour, sewn-bound, offset-printed, and on 130gsm (90lb) internal matte paper and 280gsm (110lb) textured coated coverage paper with flaps. One random Elska Collectors' Postcard is inserted inside.

Delivery and Format Info:

Print version: Elska ships from the UK by standard Royal Mail first class. All orders come delivered in discreet and sturdy packaging.

Bundle: Includes the print and e-versions of Elska Amsterdam, the e-version of Elska Ekstra Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam Postcard Set. A download link for the e-versions will be emailed within twenty-four hours of purchase; the e-format is PDF which is viewable on iPads, tablets, and all sorts of devices.


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