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Elephant #18

Spring 2014

In previous issues we have looked at how, in a world saturated by low res JPEGs and digitalised imagery, the slow and unique rhythms of painting have offered an option – almost a lifestyle option – to the contemporary artist.

Elephant #18 is a special edition that explores the continued relevance of painting today: we speak to a large number of painters (Kent Iwemyr, Marcin Maciejowski, Ulrich Lamsfuss and Caroline Walker). We also ask questions about the value of paintings, which James Cahill engaging in dialogue with curators Sir Norman Rosenthal and Clarrie Wallis, as well as paintings Chantal Joffe, Charlie Billingham and Ged Quinn. Other Encounters features include insightful conversations with contemporary masters of the brush such as Hernan Bas, James Nares and Zhu Jinshi.

After all these intense, turpentine-scented conversations, we walk out of the  studio and hop down to Santiago for a breath of fresh air, talking to the artists who stayed in the Chilean capital (such as Tomas Rivas and graffiti duo Aislap) and those who left (such as Alejandro Jodorowsky and Alfredo Jaar). Finally, to wrap it all up, we talk to curator Rafal Niemojewski about the future of art (and public art) and how one should show process rather than just finished works at art galleries and museums.


I – Open Files:

Alexandra Bircken, Mark Manders: Cose in Corso, Drawing Now Paris: 8th Edition

II – Showcase:

Merike Estna, Nettie Wakefield, Kent Iwemyr, Yang Zhenzhong, eX de Medici, Monica Canilao

III – Research:

For Slower Images: The Rebirth of Painting
In & Out of the Canon: Painting and the Problem of Quality
Painting is a Painting is a Painting

IV – Encounters:

Zhu Jinshi: On Thick Painting
Hernan Bas: The Story at the Intermission
James Nares: Fluid Motion
Tala Madani: Paint Misbehavin’
Eduardo del Fraile: 360 Degrees

V – Destination:

Santiago: Featuring Tomás Rivas, Catalina Bauer, Alfredo Jaar, Cristóbal Palma, Juan Pablo Langlois, Aislap, Paulina Silva Hauyon and Alejandro Jodorowsky

VI – Curator’s Eye View:

The Rise of the Cultural Producer: Rajal Niemojewski

VII – Journal:

Performance Anxiety
Book Journal: Breakfast at Sotheby’s by Philip Hook and Why It Does Not Have to Be In Focus by Jackie Higgins

Enditorial by Marc Valli