Elbow Grease #1

They document work; from people who are brave enough to do something they love to those who strive to make ends meet.

This isn’t about artisans displaying their wares, it’s about grafters who strive, gamble and create on their own terms. We exist to make their efforts known.

Their first issue, Ascendance, we profile everyone from Spanish milliners to office surfers, prison stitchers to bin divers. In short, we want to document work in all its forms.

Elbow Grease had its origins, like so many things in life, with a few mates in a pub.

Looking at the magazines on offer, and not content seeing independent business represented with stories of smooth sailing, we set out to voice a more honest portrayal of entrepreneurialism. Something inspiring, yet rough around the edges. Something that made people want to make things happen without overlooking the obvious hurdles.

Elbow Grease today is an exploration of ‘work’ in its many incarnations. We have created a magazine filled with compelling writing, expressive design and illustration, and input from all sorts of grafters including Spanish milliners, office surfers, prison stitchers and bin divers.