Editorial #20

To celebrate their 20th issue, Editorial Magazine have collaborated with some of the contributors from their early days when they were a small unknown magazine - Petra Collins, Jenny Fax, Kalen Holloman, Jonny Negron, to name a few!

This issue marks a continued effort to give a platform to emerging, marginalized, and queer writers and artists, as well as a concerted effort to spotlight and support sex workers.

Honouring their indie roots, a new crop of independent musicians are featured, Pretty Sick, the Garden and others.

The issue is packed with reading material, both educational and humour-filled.

Some notable contributors include:
Kiera Mcnally, Pretty Sick, Natasha Stagg, Liara Roux, Yaniya Lee, Claudia Mate, Spiral Theory Test Kitchen, Ricky Johnson, Petra Collins, Jenny Fax, Weed Slut, Fariha Roisin

WARNING:This issue may cause: excitement, shock, disbelief, confusion...and complete ENJOYMENT!