The Dung Beetle Books Calendar 2022

Time passes all the time.

We at Dung Beetle Books want to help you to keep track of it, and so have devised this entirely original ‘calendar book’, which details all of the days and months in the year 2022 – each accompanied by a specially selected image from our ancient archives – so that you may count them as they pass, and insert notes of any apparently vital plans of your own.

We at Dung Beetle Books believe that life is only manageable with reference to a divinely or scientifically ordained central authority, and so require that you forward any such plans to your relevant representative of tyrannical rule, before committing them to the pages of this calendar.

We also wish you all the best in your constant, pointless struggle with the inevitable chaos of everything, and hope this product proves a useful tool in pretending that it isn’t.

Ezra Elia (Head of Mental Manure Development) & Miriam Elia (Director of Defecation)

Features 'the best of' works from the Dung Beetle Reading Scheme
We go to the gallery
We learn at home
We go out
We do Christmas
We do Lockdown

300 x 242mm portrait cover (opened up & hanged as landscape)
Cover (350gsm)
Edixion Offset Paper FSC and 28 pages (170gsm)
Full colour throughout.

Graphic Design by Becky Philp.

ISBN: 9780992834968