Dropped #4

Dropped Magazine aims to share stories and perspectives from a variety of cyclists to help encourage people to get out and ride. We want to promote the sport of cycling as an inclusive community, which has plenty of room for everyone to fit in.

Volume 04 is full of exciting tales and inspirational journeys from the road, gravel, and everything in between. From riding through the Lake District, in the depths of winter, to racing around Rwanda in the searing heat.

Each feature is accompanied by breathtaking photography, showcasing the beauty of cycling and the strength of its community.

What’s inside?

7 Majors

  • Sophie Gateau shares her experience of riding the challenge of the 7 Majors, a fixed route created by a local cycling club, Cyclosportissimo.
  • It connects seven passes above 2,000 metres altitude, in a 360km loop, with 12,000 metres of climbing across France and Italy.
  • The seven Cols are Izoard, Agnel, Sampeyre, Fauniera, Lombarde, Bonette, and Vars. Three are French, two Italian, and the remaining two are split by the border. The fastest riders complete the route in less than 24 hours. Sophie and her friends opted for three days, in bikepacking and bivouac mode.

Lakeland 200

  • The Lakeland 200 is a 200km route devised by Alan Goldsmith, climbing 6,500m that snakes through the remote fells and valleys of the Northwest of England.
  • Typically ridden self-supported as an individual time trial, Tom and his riding companions didn’t complete it in the traditional style, but headed out to share the adventure with each other and have a warm bed pre-booked at the end of each day.

Silk Road Mountain Race

  • “I’m about two-thirds of the way up Tosor Pass, one of the most notorious climbs in the Silk Road Mountain Race, owing mostly to its length, starting from the warm shores of Issyk Kol and relentlessly climbing towards the top at around 4,200m. I had hoped to get over the pass last night, but when the sleep monsters arrived, I decided to take a brief 90-minute nap to get my power back. Sleeping so high up is not my preferred option, as the temperatures are significantly colder, but it’s a race, and things aren’t always going to go to plan”.
  • Jenny Tough shares her experience of competing in the Silk Road Mountain Race. She also throws in a few tips for anyone considering entering their first ultra-endurance race.

Photo Essay

  • There are many intricacies to the world of Audax, but fundamentally, it consists of riding a pre-determined course, completed within a time limit dependant on distance.
  • You carry a brevet card which gets stamped at controls, often based in cafes or village halls with tea and cake on offer. The emphasis is on completing the distance and it’s never considered a race.
  • Fergus Coyle, has undertaken a project of photographing the portraits of riders taking part in the world of Audax. Volume 04 includes a photo essay of a selection of Fergus’ portraits.

Volume 04 is sustainably printed to help reduce our carbon footprint.
144 pages printed on 100% Recycled paper
170 x 240mm portrait
Carbon neutral