Dropped #1

Dropped Magazine aims to share stories and perspectives from a variety of cyclists to help encourage people to get out and ride. We want to promote the sport of cycling as an inclusive community, which has plenty of room for everyone to fit in.

Our first issue is filled with stories from a variety of contributors which have used the bike as a method of exploration, travel and racing. Issue 01 is sustainably printed to help reduce our demand for the earth's natural resources.

  • 170 x 240mm portrait

  • Image wraps around cover

  • Carbon neutral

  • Printed on 100% Recycled paper

  • Dispatched within 7-10 days

We have a feature by Lian van Leeuwen, a passionate cyclist, explorer and environmentalist with a love for the Earth’s natural wonders.

Lian also runs Shift Cycling Network, a non-profit organisation aiming to create awareness, spark conversations and support positive environmental actions.

They launch campaigns, organise events and set up pilot projects to inspire brands and the cycling community to start doing things differently. With more care, and less environmental impact.

Each issue of Dropped Magazine features a photo essay, documenting the images captured by a cycling photographer. In this issue, we speak to Matt Ben Stone about how his passion for photography and how he makes his photography stand out.

We have a conversation with Antonin Michaud-Soret about his film ‘Onboard The Transcontinental Race’, a three year endeavour in his pursuit to capture the simplicity of this extraordinary, self-supported, bikepacking race.