Double #43

Double is a fashion magazine offering an original and transversal point of view on the spirit of our times.

Double has an already established format: a portfolio – the most important rendezvous of the magazine with an the artist-photographer as a guest of honour; an ABC with texts written by famous journalists from the arts and cinema; a fashion section created by internationally respected photographers and renowned stylists.Double 40 – Up & Down | Anniversary Issue

Double 43 — Portfolio

Six covers:

  1. Photography by Luca Khouri, Styling by Akeem Smith.
  2. Photography by Johnny Dufort, Styling by Marie Chaix.
  3. Photography by Richard Kern, Styling by Lotta Volkova.
  4. Photography by Jessica Madavo, Styling by Tamara Rothstein.
  5. Photography by Sam Rock, Styling by Aleksandra Woroniecka.
  6. Photography by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Styling by Charlotte Collet.