Double #40

Double is a fashion magazine offering an original and transversal point of view on the spirit of our times.

Double has an already established format: a portfolio – the most important rendezvous of the magazine with an the artist-photographer as a guest of honour; an ABC with texts written by famous journalists from the arts and cinema; a fashion section created by internationally respected photographers and renowned stylists.Double 40 – Up & Down | Anniversary Issue

Double 40 – Up & Down | For the first time, Portfolio curated by Tyrone Lebon, who invited almost 25 artists to ponder the theme of “Up & Down”.

Portfolio by Tyrone Lebon.

Featuring in Up & Down: John Cage, Camille Henrot, Xuly.Bët, Alberto Ponis, Darja Bajagic, Nicola del Roscio, Precious Okoyomon, and many more.