Document Journal #22

Document Journal is a spontaneous labor of love; a beautiful visual stream of consciousness forged by an incredibly talented team. Eash issue’s theme emerges subconsciously from complex collage of documents and their creators. With over 300 pages, this magazine is the only independent semi-annual journal in the U.S., featuring the best of each season in photography and writing.

Spring/Summer 2023 Issue No. 22

In this issue we consider what a life well-lived means now, and how experiences across physical, digital, and spiritual worlds inform it. What defines the real?

With Saoirse Ronan, Pedro Almodóvar, Anthony Vaccarello, Grace Coddington, Cillian Murphy, Geoff Dyer, Myha’la Herrold, Thelma Golden, Lisa Phillips, Pieter Mulier, Amber Valletta, LSDXOXO, ANOHNI, Johanna Constantine, Craig McDean, Alasdair McLellan, Bruce Weber, Joe McKenna, Richard Bush, Indigo Lewin, Malick Bodian, Sarah Richardson, Amelia Gray, Alice Goddard, Naomi Campbell, Thue Nøgaard, Karen Binns, Liv Liberg, Lucia Pieroni, Robbie Spencer, Ben Toms, Camille B Waddington, Alex Leese, Gabbriette, Larissa Hofmann, Marie Deteneuille, Lucas Ossendrijver, Vicki King, Matt Jones, Ronald Burton III, Christina Catherine Martinez, Mohamed Elshahed, Oliver Bown, Shahidha Bari, Ira Silverberg, Jack Parlett; featuring ‘Finding home on the homepage,’ ‘The erotic architecture of Fire Island,’ ‘The photographic archive of Allen Ginsberg,’ and a photo portfolio by Laurence Ellis exploring farming practices that safeguard future fertility.