Disegno #28

Disegno is the world’s leading quarterly journal dedicated to long-form independent reporting and critical writing on design. Released in April, June, September and November, Disegno includes a mixture of reportage, photoessays, profiles, critical discussion, interviews, reviews and roundtables.

Covering design, architecture, fashion, urbanism, graphics and technology, Disegno also provides political commentary, academic analysis, arts photography and discussion of current affairs for a design-interested audience.

Disegno #28

Disegno #28 offers in-depth, long-form journalism and critical writing, as well as inspiring portraiture, arts photography and reportage, all of which provide a window onto contemporary design and surrounding fields. The issue will be available in both print and digital formats.

Highlights from the issue include a discussion of the reverse-gentrification of Dumbo, hosted by Malika Leiper and Stephen Burks; an essay on the public communications surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out; an interview with Omer Arbel exploring his alchemy with copper and glass; a report into the future of the television set, featuring Erwan Bouroullec, Yves Béhar, and Daniel Rybakken; Beirut captured pre- and post-explosion by photographer Myriam Boulos; reflections on the interface design of online bookstores, from Amazon to Bookshop.org; a peek into Rimowa’s archives prompting dreams of travel in the time of Covid; a look, with Yair Neuman, at the hidden waste stream of dummy lenses in the glasses industry; and a roundtable in which friends, students, and collaborators remember the great Italian designer and thinker Enzo Mari.

Disegno #28 comes out in print and digital formats on 15 February 2021, and is available to pre-order now.

Disegno #28 includes:

Interview: A Moment of Crystallisation
Omer Arbel’s alchemy with copper and glass
Anna Ploszajski and Omer Arbel

Observation: Yo-Yo Machines
Long-distance communication, charmingly simplified
Evi Hall and Choreo

Roundtable: Welcome to Contemporaries
A conversation about the gentrification of Dumbo
Mösco Alcocer, Stephen Burks, Maria Cornejo, Ebon Heath, Alexandra Hodkowski, Malika Leiper, Katie Swenson and Dean Kaufman

Review: The Real Feel
The challenges of designing furniture over FaceTime
Evi Hall

Observation: Bell Chair
A total chair design, pallet and all
Oli Stratford and Choreo

Illustration: Ultra Cold Chain
A race against temperature and time
Leonhard Rothmoser

Essay: Lightning Rods
Communicating the Covid vaccines to a hesitant public
Kristina Rapacki

Photoessay: Dented, Knocked, Scraped
A reflection on travel in 2020
Felix Chabluk Smith

Anatomy: A Dirty Secret
Tackling waste streams in the glasses industry
Rab Messina

Review: Of Fashion and Gatekeepers
Can fashion shows retain their sheen of exclusivity online?
Johanna Agerman Ross

Report: The Only Thing Left to Design is the Foot
On the future of the television set
Oli Stratford

Observation: Botanicals by Glithero
Reimagining downtrodden weeds with a fresh glaze
Kristina Rapacki and Choreo

Gallery: Assalam Alayki Ya Myriam: A Prayer
Myriam Boulos documents pre- and post-explosion Beirut
Alfred Tarazi and Myriam Boulos

Observation: SaltyCo
Making textiles from saline crops
Helen Brown and Choreo

History: Enzo Mari was a Universe
Students, friends and collaborators remember the late designer
Lorenza Baroncelli, Martino Gamper, Francesca Giacomelli, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Cat Rossi and Corinna Sy

Review: Do We Still Love Our Bookshops?
The design of how we buy books online
Matthew Turner

Observation: OB-4
Radio revived
Oli Stratford and Choreo